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Facing Fear



Eleanor Roosevelt’s uncle, President Teddy Roosevelt, was a sickly, weak and anxious child. He didn’t want to be that way. Teddy decided he was going to change those attributes about himself so he studied the characteristics of those whom he believed were brave and courageous. Once he knew what the behaviors of a courageous person were, he mimicked them and acted them until the time that those traits finally became his own. He faked it until he “maked” it. It appears the battle with fear was a familial trait as was the even stronger mannerism to overcome it. Believing in oneself is critical to living life your way. We all face fear, WHAT frightens us is as different as we are. Believe that the heart of life is good and there is enough to sustain you, and you shall overcome whatever you must face that is fearsome. Practice the attributes you see courageous folks display until they are yours. Facing one thing each day that you fear is a way to practice the courage you seek.


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