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Monthly Archives: October, 2011

The Spaces in Between

I was sitting in a beautiful chapel last week, at the funeral of a friend. It was a large chapel and it was filled. So many folks had come to gather strength, peace, some closure to the emptiness left by a light bringer who left us too early. The Vermont day was typical of autumn …


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Soul Thoughts While Running

Today as I ran and let my mind just freewheel, it floated to thoughts about “Old Souls” and “New Souls.”  There are some folks that seem to me to be “Old Souls” because their wisdom and affect just seem to embody many lifetimes. Their eyes seem to reflect and mirror ancient wisdom that take many …

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Twitter for Introverts

It is true.  Everyone writes a blog post about twitter at some point.  Luckily, they tend to be worthwhile, interesting and yet one more connection to a powerful community.  Twitter is a community. Make no mistake that just because it is in cyberspace it can’t possibly be a real community.  It is very real and very …

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