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Evidence Collection

As I was preparing to meet with a teacher for a post-observation discussion, I made some notes about collecting evidence as that was part of the science lesson I observed. The students for whom this lesson was designed, are some of our students enrolled in the alternative program. They are in this program for a …


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Educational Transformation

I wrote this post to frame a Tweetchat on #bealeader, led by @gingerconsult. The chat focused on the need to transform education and how leaders from all walks of life could be involved in that movement. Education Transformed Educational reform, educational transformation, what exactly is the difference? What does it matter? Who should be involved …

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On the Outside Looking In

How do we perceive ourselves? How do we intend to perceive ourselves? Does that matter? How do others perceive us? How do we intend others to perceive us and our actions? Do we really care? What do we want the perception of ourselves to be, in truth? And what do we intend that perception to …

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This thought has been swirling through my brain a lot the last few days.  So, I decided I had to write about it, if for no other reason than to get rid of the phrase!  “I am envious of people who laugh easily, sincerely and often.” I am not a laugher.  I must have been …

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Soul Thoughts While Running

Today as I ran and let my mind just freewheel, it floated to thoughts about “Old Souls” and “New Souls.”  There are some folks that seem to me to be “Old Souls” because their wisdom and affect just seem to embody many lifetimes. Their eyes seem to reflect and mirror ancient wisdom that take many …

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Innovation in Education: It is Time

I read an article about Innovation in Organizations.  Basically, the article and others I have read recently about organizations, highlight the growing need for a culture of encouragement for innovation cultivation.  However, the work force heading into these jobs are lacking the skills to innovate individually or collaboratively.  Our culture is quickly shifting to one …

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