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Evidence Collection

As I was preparing to meet with a teacher for a post-observation discussion, I made some notes about collecting evidence as that was part of the science lesson I observed. The students for whom this lesson was designed, are some of our students enrolled in the alternative program. They are in this program for a …


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#bealeader With A Personal Vision Statement

A vision statement is sometimes called a picture of your company in the future but it’s so much more than that. Your vision statement is your inspiration, the framework for all your strategic planning. A vision statement may apply to an entire company or to a single division of that company. Whether for all or part …

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Educational Transformation

I wrote this post to frame a Tweetchat on #bealeader, led by @gingerconsult. The chat focused on the need to transform education and how leaders from all walks of life could be involved in that movement. Education Transformed Educational reform, educational transformation, what exactly is the difference? What does it matter? Who should be involved …

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Graduation Remarks

These are my remarks for this group of Eighth Graders as they move to become the freshman class of Colchester High School 2012. Eighth graders, before I give you the final few words, I would like to ask you to do something. Please stand. Turn to face your family and teachers. These are folks who …

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What is best practice? Being in education, a great deal of attention is paid to “Best Practice.” What I find so intriguing is that “Best Practice” changes. Data-driven instruction is a current “Best Practice.” But what if my data is wrong? There are others, but doesn’t “BEST” imply just one which is THE BEST? Who decides …

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Twitter for Introverts

It is true.  Everyone writes a blog post about twitter at some point.  Luckily, they tend to be worthwhile, interesting and yet one more connection to a powerful community.  Twitter is a community. Make no mistake that just because it is in cyberspace it can’t possibly be a real community.  It is very real and very …

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Supporting Floundering Folks

This year will find me working very hard to support some folks and move them towards growth.  As educators it is imperative that we do better than “Do No Harm.” While that may be a starting spot, we must strive to “Do The Greatest Good.” As an educator, I must use that adage to move …

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Acceptance and Expectance of the Unexpected

“In general, purple cows live in fields where it’s possible to reinvent what people expect.”  Seth Godin I love this quote!  I read it on Twitter from the blog of Seth Godin. The post was about achieving perfection.  This particular part grabbed ahold of my brain and wouldn’t let go.  I suppose because as we age we …

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Innovation in Education: It is Time

I read an article about Innovation in Organizations.  Basically, the article and others I have read recently about organizations, highlight the growing need for a culture of encouragement for innovation cultivation.  However, the work force heading into these jobs are lacking the skills to innovate individually or collaboratively.  Our culture is quickly shifting to one …

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