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Authentic Selves

How many “selves” do you have? Just one? Several? Many? When do you introduce them? Why are they helpful? Do they get in your way? Or are they all authentic facets of your one self? For the last six summers (except for one) I have taken my Harley-Davidson on what I now call (thanks to …


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The Strategic Monk’s Pilgrimage

It is my honor to introduce Greg Richardson (@strategicmonk) as my guest on my blog today. Greg and I are part of several communities on Twitter and share some interests and passions. Whenever I sign into a chat and Greg is there first, I am greeted with a resounding, “PEG!” It always makes me feel …

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Beginning at the End

Wyoming Wildfire July 4, 2012 I have written many blog posts over the last three weeks as I have Harleyed along on my grand journey. I could have written 100 posts a day, except of course I was busy enjoying the events as life unfolded before me. One might think that because I had so …

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Reflections on The Soul

Today my “soul” itched me. I have been ruminating on some questions that embedded themselves into my psyche (the human mind, soul, and spirit). I haven’t been able to reach those questions to satisfactorily scratch them into submission. Therefore, I am taking to my computer to try to relieve the itch and the spreading that has occurred …

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On the Outside Looking In

How do we perceive ourselves? How do we intend to perceive ourselves? Does that matter? How do others perceive us? How do we intend others to perceive us and our actions? Do we really care? What do we want the perception of ourselves to be, in truth? And what do we intend that perception to …

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This thought has been swirling through my brain a lot the last few days.  So, I decided I had to write about it, if for no other reason than to get rid of the phrase!  “I am envious of people who laugh easily, sincerely and often.” I am not a laugher.  I must have been …

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The Spaces in Between

I was sitting in a beautiful chapel last week, at the funeral of a friend. It was a large chapel and it was filled. So many folks had come to gather strength, peace, some closure to the emptiness left by a light bringer who left us too early. The Vermont day was typical of autumn …

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Soul Thoughts While Running

Today as I ran and let my mind just freewheel, it floated to thoughts about “Old Souls” and “New Souls.”  There are some folks that seem to me to be “Old Souls” because their wisdom and affect just seem to embody many lifetimes. Their eyes seem to reflect and mirror ancient wisdom that take many …

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Inspiration from the Easter Bunny

He shared his pain with her as though offering a precious gift and she accepted it as the most cherished gift in the world, as though he had given her the most beautiful star from a midnight sky.  She still holds that pain in a very special place and it has changed her forever. He …

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