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Vision for a Country, Vision for a Self

After reading Ken Blanchard’s post: I had some thoughts. We do as a country seem to be struggling with a cohesive coherent forward moving vision. Coherence of all hearts beating as one would certainly be an ideal. On this momentous day of stepping further towards acceptance of all by the striking down of DOMA, this post seems …


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As often happens in life, synchronicity and coincidence just happened to fly through my world and dance together today. I was asked to contribute an opening blog post for Live2Lead by my good friend Umair. First of all, that was quite an honor! Not to mention pressure. Secondly, feeling the typical March heaviness that I …

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Evidence Collection

As I was preparing to meet with a teacher for a post-observation discussion, I made some notes about collecting evidence as that was part of the science lesson I observed. The students for whom this lesson was designed, are some of our students enrolled in the alternative program. They are in this program for a …

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Facing Fear

  Eleanor Roosevelt’s uncle, President Teddy Roosevelt, was a sickly, weak and anxious child. He didn’t want to be that way. Teddy decided he was going to change those attributes about himself so he studied the characteristics of those whom he believed were brave and courageous. Once he knew what the behaviors of a courageous …

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#bealeader With A Personal Vision Statement

A vision statement is sometimes called a picture of your company in the future but it’s so much more than that. Your vision statement is your inspiration, the framework for all your strategic planning. A vision statement may apply to an entire company or to a single division of that company. Whether for all or part …

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Women Leaders

One of the tweetchats that captures my attention and respect is #bealeader. It is moderated by Jen Olney of GingerConsult. Last week, I missed a chat because I had the less than distinct honor of sitting in the dentist’s chair having a broken tooth examined. The topic was one with which I have some experience …

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Authentic Selves

How many “selves” do you have? Just one? Several? Many? When do you introduce them? Why are they helpful? Do they get in your way? Or are they all authentic facets of your one self? For the last six summers (except for one) I have taken my Harley-Davidson on what I now call (thanks to …

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Kitchen Door Leadership

What do Kitchen Doors and Leadership have in common? I suppose it depends upon what type of leader you are. If you are a leader that ascribes to a #leadfromwithin style of leadership you will recognize that the “Kitchen Door” leads straight to the heart of a home. Leading from within leadership leads directly to …

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The Strategic Monk’s Pilgrimage

It is my honor to introduce Greg Richardson (@strategicmonk) as my guest on my blog today. Greg and I are part of several communities on Twitter and share some interests and passions. Whenever I sign into a chat and Greg is there first, I am greeted with a resounding, “PEG!” It always makes me feel …

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Lessons of Gravel

This summer’s Harley journey was one of lessons and challenges of gravel. I am not sure what those lessons are yet, and it is time to start writing them anyway. It is clear that I have more learning from this summer’s trip than ever before and it is powerful. Having courage is not about not …

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