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Twitter for Introverts

It is true.  Everyone writes a blog post about twitter at some point.  Luckily, they tend to be worthwhile, interesting and yet one more connection to a powerful community.  Twitter is a community. Make no mistake that just because it is in cyberspace it can’t possibly be a real community.  It is very real and very …

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Acceptance and Expectance of the Unexpected

“In general, purple cows live in fields where it’s possible to reinvent what people expect.”  Seth Godin I love this quote!  I read it on Twitter from the blog of Seth Godin. The post was about achieving perfection.  This particular part grabbed ahold of my brain and wouldn’t let go.  I suppose because as we age we …

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Lesson from the Harley: It’s All About the Balance

Well of course, you might be thinking, on a motorcycle it HAS to be about the balance! On a Harley, it is delicate, minute by minute balance and if you lose your balance, the results could cost you your life.  You must be aware of the balance constantly, adjusting for curves, twists, turns, potholes, bumps, …

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Lessons from the Harley #1: Packing

For the last three summers I have taken solo camping trips on my 2006 Harley-Davidson.  Most people are incredulous that a 50+ year-old woman would hop on a motorcycle and go off into the unknown alone.  But it is an exhilarating prospect for me.  Two of those summers I had a clear destination ~ Boulder, CO …

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Inspiration from the Easter Bunny

He shared his pain with her as though offering a precious gift and she accepted it as the most cherished gift in the world, as though he had given her the most beautiful star from a midnight sky.  She still holds that pain in a very special place and it has changed her forever. He …

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