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Beautiful Blogger Award

Recently I was nominated for the Beautiful Blogger Award by Candace Gendron (http://candaceg222), one of my twitter buddies with whom I share several passions: Education, Teaching, Learning, Spirituality, Living in the Moment. We connect regularly in several tweetchats. I appreciate her wisdom and intellect and was very honored to have received this award. In doing so, I have agreed to pass it along to seven others whose blogs I enjoy and find fulfilling in a beautiful sense. Thank you Candace!

Another twitter buddy, with whom I share the same several chats as I do with Candace is Martina McGowan. Her blog “Believe in God and Act As If…” ( is one that I enjoy as the ideas presented provide me with food for thought. The ideas she presents are ones that can be examined in many ways and under many umbrellas. The beauty of the Human Spirit is evident in her work.

Kumud Ajmani of #spiritchat twitter fame, offers such gentle and poignant posts and chats on his Spiritchat Blog at The conversations that occur in the Sunday morning chats bring a wide range and diversity of spiritual ideas to the table. The positive nature of Kumud’s blog and tweetchats just keep the sun shining all week!

Amy Oscar, moderator of #soulcall on Sunday mornings writes anther blog that stirs my spirit and gets me thinking outside the normal every day realm of normal thought. She writes a thought-provoking blog at Her thoughts spark ideas and mind meanderings, uncovering the beauty that we each hold.

Dan Rockwell at Leadership Freak writes a terrific blog aimed of course at Leadership. His thoughtful essays always contain insightful, beautiful and valuable tips on leadership and places to find more resources for leaders interested in growth. Dan’s blog has provided me with many ideas to improve my own leadership skills.

I enjoy several education blogs which provide me with professional and personal growth, as well as new thoughts about education. Chris Wejr writes one ( and has often offered a poignancy that touches a tender chord. How he parents twin girls and leads a school and finds time to write a great blog, I don’t know! But it is beautiful indeed.

Powerful Learning Practice is another blog that offers a variety of insights and thoughtful posts on education. It has some beautifully powerful ideas worth exploring and talking about. You can find it here

Marjory Mejia of Awakening Sacred Flow ( writes about inspirational and spiritually stimulating ideas. Her outlook is positive, refreshing and uplifting. It usually offers me some time to relax my shoulders and take a deep breath to enjoy the beauty of the present moment.

Fierce Wisdom by Satya Colombo ( has us following Satya’s self-actualizing and life’s meaning journey, and his constant work to teach all the benefits of Flow. He writes with heart, taking us into his quest for meaning. Descriptions provide beautiful images of Central America as he lives his dream.

Perhaps you will find a few of these blogs as enlightening or interesting or beautiful as I have. For those of you who have been nominated please pass the honor along to others! If you choose to accept this award, copy and paste the award icon to your blog, provide a link to the one who nominated you, then nominate seven blogs that you would like to recognize, and let them know that you have nominated them.

May you all find wonder in the ordinary and continue to be awed by simple beauty!


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