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Reflections on The Soul

Today my “soul” itched me. I have been ruminating on some questions that embedded themselves into my psyche (the human mind, soul, and spirit). I haven’t been able to reach those questions to satisfactorily scratch them into submission. Therefore, I am taking to my computer to try to relieve the itch and the spreading that has occurred from them ~ a bit like poison ivy though far more pleasant an itch than that. More like a pleasant niggling ~ In the weekly Tweetchat #soulcall, the discussion was focused on needs of the body, heart, mind, and soul. The first three were easy enough to address. But that last one, that soul just started squiggling out of my hands, stirring eruptions of more questions that seemed also had different answers which caused more questions! And so, on my icy run with my mind focused on the ice and in the moment so I would stay on my feet and put in all 60+ minutes of time without losing chunks of my face to frostbite, the “under-mind” took over the processing of my thoughts and questions sprouting within.

The last question from #soulcall was asked by moderator Amy Oscar, “So, let’s ask now, but from a place of real and open listening, what does the soul need?” There were immediately a flurry of responses as folks had been anticipating the question and were all warmed up from the previous questions and 140 character jewels of answers. The responses were thoughtful, insightful, individual, metaphoric, and inspired. The first question I asked the group was, “How do I know if the words I use to express the soul’s call (need, want) are pure and not filtered by the mind or the ego?” It seems to me that it is the mind, the ego that “needs” or “wants.”  So, does the soul have any wants or needs? What could it possibly need? I had a thought that grew as the day snuck along.

My answer to that question has become a pretty solid “No.” If I consider my limited and simplistic understanding, conceptualizing, and concretizing of the idea of soul, it needs nothing. The soul is what connects every shred of energy. It has no boundaries, no solid “lines or barriers” as it mixes and mingles with the “Universal Soul.” It is already accepted by the Universe/God/Goddess/One Voice/Allah/Earth Energy etc. Therefore, it shouldn’t need anything from others, including me and my simple self. It gathers its love from The One of The Many of The One. It gathers energy as it swirls and mixes, moves and dances, connects and fuses. In its state of “is-ness” it creates and receives love, energy, replenishment, acceptance. What can I give it that it cannot get from being? All any of us can provide for it is the unique experiences of ourselves. From the One ~ Many, from the Many ~ One. What an auroral magnificence and wonder soul is!

As I continued to explore this idea that the soul (my soul or the Universal Soul) was far beyond “needing” anything, that it was far too ancient and wise to “want from me,” it occurred to me that it had much to offer me/us. But then I came back to that language piece. The soul is FAR beyond the constraints of language. Like the Eskimo need for 36 words for snow, so too the soul has so many “shades” of depth, trying to attach boundaries like words to it would be fruitless. And, if that soul is truly holding all of us and everything, there must be an understanding that goes far beyond words and definitions. That understanding or soul-knowledge must seep into us like water seeks the path of least resistance and seeps into cracks, pores, crevices. What then is a “universal” language? What is understood by all, affects all, escapes all barriers and can pass along understanding?

There are three things which I can accept at this point in my naive musings  as universal. All three are nebulous and etherial in their own rights, much like the soul. Those three are: love, music, light. Each has embedded within it subsets. I cannot capture the essence of love in words. If humans had been able to do this, they wouldn’t still be writing songs and poetry and stories trying to describe it and explain it. It would be as basic and simple as rock (which I know aren’t simple and basic but rarely have poems and songs written in attempts to share their meaning). Music cannot be described or explained using words. I could no more explain Beethoven’s Ninth and how it stirs me to someone else as I can tell you what love is. Light has so many permutations and variations that it is impossible to characterize it fairly. Likewise its opposite state: darkness. Words confine, confound, conflict. I would never want to do that to soul! All cultures celebrate love and show its existence. All cultures create music or a vibrational sensation like music. All cultures understand and celebrate the light and its recurrence each morning or season.

So, my answer is, the soul needs nothing and my head, heart, body need my soul’s wise guidance. Those voices in my head need to quiet so that the music of my soul can share its own and the music of all souls, the light of the universal soul, the love with which it is filled by mingling with that One of the Many and Many of the One. And, in order for this to happen, I must be vulnerable and open, and real and authentic. I must be me and I must allow myself the same acceptance as I allow others. I must open my head, heart, and body to the love that is unconditionally flowing from my soul ~ foibles and all.


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