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Twitter for Introverts

It is true.  Everyone writes a blog post about twitter at some point.  Luckily, they tend to be worthwhile, interesting and yet one more connection to a powerful community.  Twitter is a community. Make no mistake that just because it is in cyberspace it can’t possibly be a real community.  It is very real and very powerful. Its power comes in many forms and most have been written about.  Twitter has caused some incredible upheaval and dramatic change personally, nationally, and internationally.  Some day history books will include Twitter as a major consideration or factor in the rebellions in Libya, Yemen, Egypt, and other places yet to be affected.

I, however, am not writing about Twitter’s power in the national or international sector. I am focusing on the power of Twitter for an introvert.  First of all, let me define introvert my way.  Introverts gather their energy from within.  They are very self-reflective.  “Extroverting” or socializing is energy depleting and exhausting for those of us on the opposite end of the continuum.  There may be myriad reasons for introversion: thinking styles, thought processing speed, meditative predisposition, etc.  We live in a world that is focused on extroversion.  Therefore, it is challenging to be an introvert in today’s world.

Because I am an introvert, my job extroverting exhausts me. I need time to “get inside my head to reenergize, regroup, reconnect to that inner power source.  Just because I am an introvert doesn’t mean that I don’t need community and people.  It just means being with them while they extrovert and socialize is tiring. I can’t keep up with the conversations easily because I reflect on everything ~ literally everything. If I miss something it is daunting to reconstruct for further reflection.

Twitter is the perfect solution for community and socializing for introverts.  I have found so many folks who embody the values that I hold dear. I have found folks with beliefs that mirror or connect to my own.  If I want to join a chat or conversation, I can at my own speed.  I may have little to say but just want to immerse myself in the ongoing conversation by reading the tweets generated by a topic.  Energy comes flowing when an important thought chord is created by a tweet.  I can go back to a conversation and glean the nuggets of gold I may have missed or find them in a new light. I can discover new meaning and reconstruct an idea. When involved in the chat, I can take the time I want to formulate a cohesive thought and then transpose it into twitter speak using 140 characters. I am not interrupted (something I dislike because it means I can’t finish my thought).  I am able to converse at my own speed.

Twitter would be perfect for those quiet, shy, and “invisible” students who are silent in class but whose brains are screaming with important and powerful ideas and thoughts.  They can express their thoughts and participate in a conversation without being visually the center of attention as they are if they do this in class.  More schools are using technology to the advantage of these students.  Twitter is another way to give voice to those who are not comfortable giving their voices freedom in the typical extroverted world. It needs to be part of the equation to bring more students into the process of their learning and to participate in intellectual discourse because their reflections have much power, missing at this point from the mix.

How do you relate? How does Twitter help an extrovert?


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