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Soul Thoughts While Running

Today as I ran and let my mind just freewheel, it floated to thoughts about “Old Souls” and “New Souls.”  There are some folks that seem to me to be “Old Souls” because their wisdom and affect just seem to embody many lifetimes. Their eyes seem to reflect and mirror ancient wisdom that take many folks a lifetime to learn, if they learn it.  They have an uncanny ability to use “River Power” to let go and surrender with great strength.  Other folks seem to need many times to learn a lesson.  

As these thoughts banged around in my brain, I wondered about the high incidents/diagnoses of ADHD and Autism.  I worked to put these into the context of “Old Souls” and “New Souls.”  Could it be that Autistics are “Old Souls” who need to be strongly connected to their inner compass and voice to shed light for those not as old? Could it be that those diagnosed with ADHD are very “New Souls” who have so much to take in and process because they are “New Souls” without any experience upon which to build?  Or could those ADHDers be truly Ancient Souls who have been dormant for a very long time and are drinking in the environment that is SO vastly different from the “last” time they wandered the Earth? Have they brought an ancient wisdom that is greatly needed to move Humanity? Are so many Autistic and ADHD souls being born because they have special gifts to offer that are needed now?  Are these souls here to support each other as Humanity begins to enter a new developmental stage in its growth back towards whatever source it was created from/by/into?  What do those of us who may fall in between either end of the spectrum need to help facilitate this, to learn, to see? 

I work with all “types” of people.  As an educator, I am familiar with the “categories” into which all are divided.  In my mind, we are all one and none of us is truly separate from the other.  All of us have gifts to offer.  All of us help weave the tapestry that is the universe, that is the Greater Consciousness of Good.  All of us are necessary to bring the parts together into the sum.  Without one of us, all of us lose the gifts that one brings.  I will always watch for and wonder about “Old and New Souls.”  They will continue to intrigue me.  I love watching as a “New Soul” jumps headfirst into the “Rabbit-hole” of becoming an “Old Soul” because of a synchronicitous or serendipitous event or lesson.  

How do you tell an “Old Soul” from a “New Soul?”  What lessons have you learned at the hand of either? 


  1. This is a beautiful post, Peg! I think it’s fairly easy to spot an ‘old soul’ after you spend some time with them, get to know them a little, listen to the words they say (or the periods of silence they indulge in), their level of creativity, their spirit of inquiry, and so on.

    The Universe gives us opportunities to learn ~ and keeps providing those opportunities until we show progress in our path towards ‘growing our spirit’ ~ becoming an ‘older soul’. Be well.


    • Thank you, Kumud. I was hesitant to post this as it is “out there” but felt that some of the folks with whom I am twitterly connected would understand my thoughts. I believe I spot “old souls” and enjoy their company. Some of the SpiritChat folks are “old souls” thought I have never physically met them. So, thank you for responding and encouraging my quest for learning and exploring the nature and nurture of spirit.

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