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Inspiration from the Easter Bunny

An Inspiration to live byHe shared his pain with her as though offering a precious gift and she accepted it as the most cherished gift in the world, as though he had given her the most beautiful star from a midnight sky.  She still holds that pain in a very special place and it has changed her forever.

He was a very little, very sick boy and she was the Easter Bunny in the dead of winter, his Easter Bunny.  She was a 15 year old incredibly sensitive strong girl who unbeknownst to me would shed tears as she silently held her 3 year old friend or played with him, or just sat near him hoping her very presence would soothe his pain.  He still does not know her identity, at least not in person, but his heart recognizes her as their hearts are inextricably intertwined.

My inspiration comes from the strength and power of this Easter Bunny, this amazing young woman who continues to reach out to others in so many ways.  She is a kid whisperer.  The power this young woman has to settle rambunctiousness, to soothe tattered hearts, to gentle wild spirits, to tame the shredded souls of children is truly a gift from one with a very old, very wise soul.  There has been an aura of ancient wisdom and ancient tenderness since she was born.  It has taken me until now to really fit all of the pieces together and realize what I have known for her lifetime.  She loves unconditionally.

My Easter Bunny at aged 18 was a middle school lunch room monitor (worst.job.ever.) and yet she was respected, loved, and appreciated by 500 adolescents.  Her very presence calmed them without force or control.  Her natural welcoming and quiet gentle nature swallowed their agitation and allowed them to be accepted for who they were. Sometimes it seemed she just accompanied them for a bit on their journeys of self-discovery, keeping them company.  It was as though her very soul reached out to ease the angst and discomfort that came with the age. She offered soft refuge for those tattered hearts.

At age 19 she works with a non-verbal autistic kindergartner who experiences bouts of severe frustration, and she shows him only gentleness and patience.  She loves him and he her.  He doesn’t know she is the Easter Bunny, but his heart would recognize her in her Easter Bunny suit, as her other little friend’s heart would recognize her without it.

With all of her charges over the years, this remarkable, compassionate, incredibly beautiful Easter Bunny stands up against storms of massive strength and waits until they subside.  Her strength of spirit, heart, soul, love for others, and generosity without limit quiets all the storms that drive upon her.  The awe that I have for this wise, deep, strong, and ancient soul that has brushed my soul since her birth (or maybe mine) overwhelms me.  It has taken years for me to be able to find words to express the inspiration and gratitude that I feel for this Easter Bunny.  There is magic and the Easter Bunny is all the proof I need.


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