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River Power


Snow melt adds such power to the Winooski River

I think of River Power when there is an obstacle that needs overcoming or there is an idea that needs pursuing.  Water always gets its way and flows.  It is patient.  It is tenacious.  It is brutal and strong.  It never takes no for an answer.  It just simply bides its time and flows.  Water seeks the easiest route.  No matter how strong the barrier or obstacle, water keeps seeking the weakest spot through which to flow.  It may go around, over, under, through, beneath, above, into…you catch my drift.  But no matter what route it takes, the water always seeps through.  It knows the power of surrender.

Sometimes it seeps, insidious, stealthy, quiet but powerful nonetheless.  It still gets where it needs to go.  Sometimes it flows, especially when the path is easy, open, unguarded.  Sometimes there is so much power that nothing can stop it and whatever is in its wake will topple and capitulate.  The River can surrender, but it doesn’t give up.  It continues to find its way.  It continues to explore until it discovers the tiniest crack, just a filament of an opening.  The strength of the water, minute though it may be, is a force to be reckoned with.

Taking note of the strength of water helps provide centeredness.  It is important to observe the characteristics of River Power and then apply them to life and everyday challenges.  Using River Power to restore balance or to shift perspective is a powerful tool.  Using River Power to set free the trials and tribulations that mount up and sap our energy is a way to find peace and relief.  Imagine those problems and drop them like leaves upon that greatly flowing river and allow its power to carry them away, washing you fresh.

Wisdom comes from finding the Power of the River and applying it to life.  Wisdom comes in taking lessons from the natural world around us.  How does a small yellow flower brazenly sprout from nearly solid concrete?  How does a small creek become a Grand Canyon?  Such strength and power surround us.  Taking note is an important reminder and a help in focusing on the NOW.  The River Power flows through our veins.  Use it to create.


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