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Teacher as Artist

A great teacher is an artist attending painstakingly to intricately fine details with an eye towards the big picture and the greater good. Artists create.  Educators create learners, independent life-long learners.  Educators craft the minds, independence, love of learning, souls of students.  Following Monet’s Impressionistic style of painting a whole picture with individual points, so too the educator paints a whole student using tiny points of both color and space to blend together to form a whole picture.  Our jobs are to set each piece of artwork free, to see the beauty within the medium and let it out by filling in some of the spaces, by chipping away at the extraneous.  We are crafters.  How we craft is what will provide our students with the freedom to become their own crafters, their own artisans in order to continue the work begun by others and then to pass it along.

If we educators take to heart that there is a great work of art inside each child waiting to be freed, our attention to detail, to color, texture, richness, fullness, message, soul might just be different.  It is our very duty to help set that child free to explore and learn and grow and become the greatest grandest artwork possible in order to join all the other pieces of artwork to create one whole piece.

We are required by our nature to help create.  So we must set out to enable our students to create and fill their spaces with color, musical notes, words, understanding, vision, light, thought, texture, taste, for it is in the filling of spaces that the great works of art are born.  Knowing which spaces should be filled but more importantly, knowing which ones to leave blank in order to provide the background upon which the work of art is set and can be appreciated is what we are meant to do.


  1. Sara Denny

    I like that your teacher/artist does not create with passive students. Part of your vision is the student continuing to learn. Students often go beyond where their teachers can lead. Seems like it’s a partnership for the time spent together, then the student’s mission is to partner with the next mentor/artist. I like it, Peg.

    • Thanks, Sara! Meager attempts at creation and thinking.

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